Whether you like to be smooth as a baby’s but or to grow a bush down there, we have a golden rule for you to follow. Without further explanation; hair is ok but no one likes a forrest. Keep it trimmed down there and don’t make your partner wish for a map to reach the treasure.


It obviously can’t be said to many times: When satisfying a woman using the fingers, don’t just stick your fingers up there. It might be obvious to some of you but still, so many get it wrong. Use two fingers to slowly massage the “button” to warm up. While using your tongue, be gentle and make small circling movements. Don’t treat it like a popsicle!

Toys in bed are something that can be mind blowing for both you and your partner. Use scarves to tie up your partner while you’re satisfying the lower regions. Use a feather and slowly stroke it across the body. Use an ice cube the same way and start at the neck and move it further and further down. A vibrator could do magic on many parts of the body and is the perfect tease. Experiment your way through!

Adapt yourself to the moment, that crazy dominatrix dildo of yours may not be first date material.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress up as Edward Cullen or Xena the warrior princess (unless you want to of course). Role play is much more about the set of mind. Maybe you and your lover could imagine to be someplace else, trying not to get caught. Or why not make it a little rougher than usual? Be creative and don’t be shy.

Go play!

It can be hard to believe that a man like that with a beard like a hedgepig and muscles like a bear can have something so sensitive. When Mr. Adventure down there has his skin coat pulled down he’s very sensitive to fysical contact. Be careful with where you put your legs, arms and everything that is not your mouth. It hurts even if it he’s to much of a super hero to admit it.

The heavenly moment when your passionate sex act is reaching its climax is most likely the best part. After that moment the good feel and the calm fills the room instead of excitement, or that’s at least how it should be. Trying to seduce your partner again right after the climax is not a good idea and no, she will not be offended by your needs of getting off  her to take a breath.

This statement does not anyhow supports the “dead man” after having sex who falls asleep in 4 seconds. Stoke her body and speak with a quiet voice, but don’t feel that you have to kiss and seduce her.

During the main act; Keep the calm! No one like the feeling of having a dog humping on your leg and that also applies to the bedroom. No matter how heavenly it feels, start calm and increase the passion as you go along.

Save the bunny hump for inflatable partners

Most people want sex to last longer than a commercial break. However, when your partner has agreed to take a trip downtown the polite thing to do is to not make the train late to the final destination. When you last 45 minutes the only thing that will reach climax is the awkward tension of fake moans and locking jaws.

Nothing is sexier than being, or imagining your partner being, turned on in a forbidden place. Luckily our modern society makes this little tease quite easy. But cut the cheesy crap like ‘what are you wearing’, no one coincidentally just happen to be trying out the old cheerleader uniform. The beginner should start carefully with questions about places where one always wanted to have sex or especially sensitive spots. The cocky one could be bolder and ask about specific positions and describe in detail. Sexting needs foreplay too.

Make sure to check the reciever. Your mom probably doesn’t want to know where you want the whip cream being licked off.

Insecurity and the fear of showing yourself naked are two things to leave at home when meeting up with your sex partner. Having sex under the blanket only results in loads of sweat and a drastically decreased amount of position opportunities.

Additionally, everybody knows that “Hey, let’s keep the blanket I’m freezing and it’s cozy” actually means “Hey, can we please keep the blanket because I’m afraid to show myself naked”.

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