Ever encountered that awkward moment when you have to stop what you’re doing just to ask about a condom? Feeling the sentence to be a cockblocker? Awkward no more. Here are 10 different ways of smoothly asking for a condom without using the actual word:

1. Let me put on your love glove

2. It’s time to give your powerful warrior his Condomus Maximus

3. I feel bad weather’s coming in, let’s put on a raincoat

4. Looks like that snake of yours need a snake charmer

5. I think Mr. Dick wants to meet Mr. Prevention

6. That wild animal needs to be tamed, let’s put on the Rubber Straitjacket

7. That dick would look a lot more stylish with a hat

8. He looks a little lost, I think that he needs a tour guide

9. My goal is missing your goalie

10. Suit up!

Or why not just ask like normal people.