If you’re not real sure of what to do when your fingers have reached the final destination, search upwards for the ping-pong ball and give it the most gentle massage. Combine that with stimulating the “little man in the boat” and the woman will be yours forever.


Ever encountered that awkward moment when you have to stop what you’re doing just to ask about a condom? Feeling the sentence to be a cockblocker? Awkward no more. Here are 10 different ways of smoothly asking for a condom without using the actual word:

1. Let me put on your love glove

2. It’s time to give your powerful warrior his Condomus Maximus

3. I feel bad weather’s coming in, let’s put on a raincoat

4. Looks like that snake of yours need a snake charmer

5. I think Mr. Dick wants to meet Mr. Prevention

6. That wild animal needs to be tamed, let’s put on the Rubber Straitjacket

7. That dick would look a lot more stylish with a hat

8. He looks a little lost, I think that he needs a tour guide

9. My goal is missing your goalie

10. Suit up!

Or why not just ask like normal people.

This is something that can’t be said too many times: The nipple is one of the most sensual spots. Especially for girls. Use your tongue and gentle kisses while at the same time satisfying the lower regions with your fingers. All movements should be very calm, slow and sensual.

Result is as guaranteed as Charlie Sheen is off the wagon

All cred to Barney Stinson’s ‘The naked man’, being naked is sexy. However, just because you’re comfortable enough to be naked around your partner doesn’t mean you have to. Despite the fact of how much we love that sexy naked ass of yours doesn’t mean that we want your junk flappin’ in our faces while we’re eating breakfast.

Remember, sometimes what we imagine to see is a bigger turn on than what we can see

The stressed out “fucking machines” who are hyper humping in dangerous speeds to get it over with are often clear signalments of porn consuming, insecure kids with a lack of sex experience. Be gentle, kiss, stroke and whisper – that’s making love.

Eventhough the pornstars are gagging and sound like that they are about to get choked to death when giving blowjobs that’s not sexy at all..

Edit: Perhaps if you’re a crazy self destructive retarded sadist it might appear sexy.

One kiss, two kisses… it’s time for lower regions satisfaction. Unfortunately for you the manly hunk is still lying in his jeans when you decide to show him what a queen of handjobs you are.  Handjobs performed under these circumstances only result in gallons of sweat, spasms in your wrist and will also make you look real dumb and unsexy fighting those pants. Don’t be too fast, undress the little man before giving him the ride.. this way your mouth can also used.

The dead fish, the stiff dummy, the zombie. The curse is known under many names but the significance is the same; It isn’t sexy! Whether you are on top, underneath or at the side; express yourself! Move, make sexy sounds, take control, have fun!

When your partner is yawning you know you’re doing it wrong

Lie naked next to each other in bed and explain your fantasies. You can’t touch. See how long it takes before one of you throws yourself on the other like a pack of hungry wolves on a steak.

It is a well known fact that our taste is divided, nonetheless in the bedroom. So how can you explain to your partner that the new freaky move isn’t really as pleasant as intended without completely killing the buzz?

A good start is to make your partner know when it actually DOES feel good. Encouragement is always good to boost the ego. When the time comes and your partner decides to try that awkward new kamasutra position, instead try to take over the control. Pretend you just got a sudden strike of passion and a sudden urge to please your partner instead. That way you can make it feel good for both you and your partner.


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